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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Are we related?

If your last name is Walvoord or Walvoort, it is most likely that we are related.  If you will email me with your full name, birthday along with the same information for your parents and your Walvoord grandparents, I will check my database and tell you how we are related.  If I am able to make a connection on how we are related and if you include your mailing (or email) address, I will mail (or email) you a copy of your family tree for free!

Will you put your genealogical records (i.e. your family tree) on your website?

Due to many requests from Walvoord researchers, I have placed my genealogical records on this site under the heading “Genealogy.”

What is your privacy policy?

Any family records submitted to WalvoordHistory.com will be treated with the utmost concern for a living person’s privacy.  Genealogy Reports and Family Trees listing living persons on this site shall be marked “Private” or “Living” to protect privacy and any potential identity theft, however, some names and relationships of living persons may be listed of interest to Walvoord Family History researchers. Some vital statistics of living persons (i.e. birthdays, marriage dates, and locations, etc.) may be posted online in the Biography section, however, this will be limited in scope.

Didn’t I get a letter from you a years ago, saying that you were writing a book on the Walvoord Family?  Where can I purchase one?

Well, I had intentions to publish a book, unfortunately, having never written a book before, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the various options I had.  I wanted a fancy hardback book with lots of pictures, but that would be costly to publish, market and distribute, so I considered a cheaper spiral bound book.  Then I thought the World Wide Web would be the best way to get my research out.  It is in color, it can be updated, corrected, added to, available around the globe and inexpensive to publish and even better, it is free to read!

I received something in the mail selling a “Walvoord Yearbook” with a listing of “every” Walvoord.  Should I buy this?

In almost every case, these are not worth the money.  These types of books have been around for years and generally only give you a list of phone-book listings, etc. that can be found for free on the Internet or public library.  You are not going to find any better place to find out about Walvoords than right here!  And its all free!  Questions on a particular branch?  Email me.

Because my last name is Walvoord, I have been asked many times if I am related to Dr. John F.Walvoord of Dallas.  Who is he?

Dr. John Flipse Walvoord was my great-uncle (my late grandfather’s younger brother).  He was the former president of Dallas Theological Seminary and wrote over 30 books pertaining mainly to biblical prophecy.  His last book, was his autobiography, Blessed Hope.  It is very interesting and everyone with the name Walvoord should add it to their personal library.  If you would like to read a brief biography on this website click here.  If you would like to purchase a copy of Dr. Walvoord’s autobiography, click here:  Blessed Hope : Autobiography of John Walvoord.  Dr. Walvoord passed away on December 20, 2002.

What Genealogy Software do you use?

I use Family Tree Maker 2014.

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