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Jan Derk “J. D.” Walvoord (1810-1878)

Jan Derk Walvoord was the oldest of three sons born to Anthony Walvoort and Wilhelmina Gertruid Konings.  He was born on July 12, 1810 in the Gelderland Province of the Netherlands.

On May 15, 1834, J. D. Walvoord married Johanna Gesina Walvoord, his first cousin.

Johanna was born on November 9, 1814 in the town of Winterswijk also in the Gelderland Province of the Netherlands.  Johanna was the only child of Jan Derk Walvoort and Catherina Frederika Konings.  Her father, Jan Derk Walvoort, was the brother of Anthony Walvoort (her husband’s father).  Her mother, Catherina was the sister of her husband’s mother Wilhelmina!  This unique relationship made Johanna the double-cousin of her husband!

Johanna’s mother died on August 25, 1822.  Her father re-married Dela Johanna Lieferdink on April 30, 1823 in Winterswijk.

J.D. and Johanna had six children together:

Anthony Christian “A. C.” Walvoord was born on December 14, 1835 in Winterswijk, Gelderland, Netherlands. He died on March 09, 1915 in Cedar Grove, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA. He married JOHANNA GERTRUDE VELDHORST on May 21, 1858 in Cedar Grove, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA, daughter of Garret Veldhorst and Geharda Kaspers. She was born on March 06, 1841 in Netherlands. She died on December 30, 1915 in Cedar Grove, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA.

Jan Willem Walvoord was born on September 17, 1838 in Winterswijk,Gelderland, Netherlands.  It is unknown when he died. 

Christiaan “Chris” Jan Walvoord was born on February 02, 1841 in Winterswijk, Gelderland, Netherlands. He died on February 26, 1920 in Oostburg, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA. He married JANNA GERTRUIDA LAMMERS on April 21, 1864 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA. She was born on April 10, 1844 in Gelderland, Netherlands. She died on October 01, 1916 in Holland, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA.

Jan Hendrick “Henry” Walvoord was born on September 05, 1844. He died in 1919.

Their son Johannes Walvoord was born April 13, 1848 either in Holland or perhaps on the ship during their voyage to the New World.  It is unknown when he died.

Daughter Miena Walvoord was born on March 06, 1850 in Wisconsin,USA. She died on March 23, 1872.

J. D. Walvoord and Johanna Walvoord have the same set of grandparents.  Their children had only four great-grandparents (while most of us have eight!).  Since their parents were first cousins (double-cousins), their maternal great-grandparents and their paternal great-grandparents were one and the same.  The chart below shows this unique relationship in more detail using A.C Walvoord as an example.

Double Cousins have the same grandparents, so when they marry, their children's maternal and paternal great-grandparents are the same.

J. D. and Johanna three of their sons sailed across the Atlantic to the new world in 1848, the year Wisconsin became a state.  It is believed that their second son, Jan Willem Walvoord, made the voyage later, stayed behind, or had died before the voyage, but he apparently did not sail to Wisconsin with his parents.

Their son Johannes Walvoord is believed to have born on the Atlantic crossing.

For 600 dollars, they purchased 80 acres of good land from Gert Hendrik Kolste, another Dutchman who was one of the pioneers of the new Township of Holland in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.

Much of this land still belongs to Walvoord descendants to this day.

J. D. Walvoord’s wife Johanna died November 28, 1867.  J.D. remained a widower until his death on March 19, 1878.

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