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Changing the Look of Walvoord History.com with WordPress Themes

Parchment Theme

The “Parchment” Theme was used for Walvoord History.com from 2009-2011.

Hello everybody.  You will hopefully be seeing some good changes on the website.  Most notably, the theme has changed from “Adventure Journal” to “Frontier.”   Before “Adventure Journal” I used the “Parchment” theme.  I loved that theme, but the developer no longer supported any updates.  “Adventure Journal” was the new choice for a couple of years.  I still love how it displays photos on the pages and posts.  Now a change has been necessary because of all the devices out there that are used, from different browsers to, tablets to smart phones.  Getting a website to look good on all of these devices requires a theme that is “responsive.”  “Frontier” is one responsive theme that seems to fit the bill.

Adventure Journal Theme

The “Adventure Journal” Theme was used on Walvoord History.com from 2011-2014

The number one goal for this site (other than finding time to work on it) is to find the right slideshow plugin to handle the wealth of photos I have to share.  I was using a plugin called “Showtime” for a while and although it didn’t do exactly like I wanted, it served okay for a while.  But it was a “Flash” plugin and wouldn’t work on many browsers including iOS (ipads, iphones, etc.).   Flash is becoming obsolete for this reason.

Frontier Theme

The “Frontier” Theme is the new look for Walvoord History.com starting in 2014. It is a “Responsive” Theme that will adjust its look based upon what device a person is using.

So I’m now testing NextGen Gallery and quite honestly it is a pain.  It may just be a learning curve on my part, but I need something easy that will give time to add new content to the site instead of sapping all my strength on “figuring it out.”   NextGen uses “jQuery” instead of “Flash,” so that is the type of plugin I am looking for.

If any of you techies out there are familiar with WordPress themes and plugins and have suggestions on a “Responsive Theme” or a “jQuery gallery plugin” please post here and I will check them out.

I know this new theme will take some getting used to both for me and you.  Check back often, because as I learn the ins and outs of this new theme and plugins I will keep tweaking and moving things around in the hopes that the site will be easier to use and full of new content.


Updated: October 24, 2014 — 11:55 AM
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