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Photo of the Week, June 4, 2012

This week’s photo was sent to me by Ann (Walvoord) Graff.  She is a great-granddaughter of William O. Walvoord (1842-1916) from the Nebraska branch of the Walvoords.  This is a photo of the store that William O. Walvoord built in Holland, Nebraska.

This photo dates from about 1895.  The section of the building to the right was built first.  The section with the porch and awning was added to the south-side later.  And in a later photo this section was lengthened.

Walvoord & Co. General Store, Holland, Nebraska c. 1895

Walvoord & Co. General Store, Holland, Nebraska c. 1895. From left to right, Mr. Sapp (the school teacher in wooden shoes), Herman Schnieder (clerk), Tom Liesveld (partner to William O. Walvoord), J.C. Walvoord (son of William), and two unidentified children.

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