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Photo of the Week, August 6, 2012

This week’s photo is of the Walvoord General Store in Holland, Nebraska in the early 1900s.  At this date, William O. Walvoord’s son, John Christian Walvoord (1879-1964), had taken over the store, hence the name J. C. Walvoord’s Store.  This is the south entrance to the store.  The first entrance was from the east and this particular building was to a competing store started in the early 1880s by Mr. Hoak.  Mr. Hoak sold this store to Henry van Diest and Gerrit John TeSelle.  Van Diest sold his interest in the store in 1883 to John Lubbers.  In 1892 this store was sold to William O. Walvoord and he combined the stores.  In the early 1900s William  turned the enterprise over to his eldest son, John who was joined by Garret Lubbers.

Thanks to Ann Walvoord Graff for providing this wonderful photo!

J. C. Walvoord's General Store c.1910

South entrance to J. C. Walvoord’s General Store c.1910. His father, William O. Walvoord’s house can be seen in the far right of the photo (through the picket fence gate). It was next door to the East entrance.


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  1. I am interested in writing my family history as a Walvoord for my two kids and two grandchildren, and would like to know how to find my ancestors and learn who they were. My father, Oliver Christian Walvoord, was born in Dallas along with his brothers (my uncles) JC Junior, Uncle Bill, Uncle Jim, and Uncle Lloyd. And that all of their names I remember. Dad did not want to help us in this search while he was alive, but I did visit his birth place in Holland NB and was told his father owned a General Store there before moving to Dallas and I did work in Grand Isle for my uncle Jim and Aunt Zoralu (?) at Humble oil off shore rigs. Although I visited my grandparents in Dallas, along with Uncle Bill and his sons, Clyde, Deck, and Chris whom I met when I was very young. I would appreciate any help that can be offered. With my parents and my sister deceased, and my two brothers unable to assist me in my efforts I am hoping there is someone out there that will contact me for assistance. Please.

    1. Wrong middle name of my father in my last email. My father’s name was Oliver Wendell Walvoord, not Oliver Christian Walvoord. Trying to hurry to get to the dinner table and seeing all the people with Christian in their names is where I choose to put the blame, and not on my 76 years old memory.

      Gary Eugene Walvoord

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