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Photo of the Week, June 18, 2012

This week’s “Photo of the Week” is one of only two photos I have of one of the “Five Founders” as I describe them on the Homepage.  This is the Hendrik Jan Walvoord (1828-1921) Family that immigrated to Wisconsin in 1866.  The only other photo I have of a founder is of Gerrit Jan and Berendina (Prinsen) Walvoord that immigrated to Nebraska in 1870.

This week’s is lower quality than I would like because it is a photocopy of an original.  I don’t have a better copy of this photo.  If anyone is in possession of a better copy, please send me a copy.

The descendants of this family living in America, kept the “Walvoort” spelling with a “t” at the end.

Hendrik Jan Walvoort Family c.1897

Hendrik Jan Walvoort Family c.1897 (Top: L to R) Jan Derk “John” Walvoort, Gerrit Hendrik Walvoort. (Bottom: L to R) Gesina (Dulmes) Walvoort, Henry Walvoort, Bertus “Ben” Walvoort, Hendrika “Hattie” Walvoort, and Delia “Del” Walvoort





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  1. Gerrit Hendrik Walvoort was my paternal grandfather who died in 1954. Harvey Garret Walvoort, his son and my father, married Leona Lydia Meyer and had two children: Beverly Mae Walvoort Wilke and Nancy Leone Walvoort Schriver. I remember my dad’s Aunt Hattie visiting our home after Dad died in 1956. I’ve never seen this photo before and greatly appreciate your sharing it. Thank you.

    1. Hi Nancy! Great to hear from you! I am happy to share that photo, I’m sorry it is not better quality. I hope to track down a better copy someday, and when I do, I’ll post it as well. That is neat that you were able to meet your Aunt Hattie. She must have been around age 70 then. I think it is interesting that your branch kept the Walvoort spelling with the “t” at the end and the other four branches decided to change the spelling to Walvoord with a “d” on the end. I would love to find out the reason that happened. If you have any stories or photos of your family you would like to share, I’m sure many other Walvoorts and Walvoords would love to see them. Your son Bill has been very helpful in filling in some of my missing info on the Walvoorts in America. Hope you all are well and keep in touch.

      Scott Walvoord

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