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Photo of the Week, May 28, 2012

Tintype of Henry Walvoord (right) and an unknown person.

Tintype of Henry Walvoord (right) and an unknown person.

I am going to try to post a photo every Monday that I haven’t placed anywhere else on this site.  So many of these photos will be brand new to you.  I found this photo in a box of old Walvoord photos.  It was easy to overlook, because it was so tiny and… “tinny.”  It is a tintype.  It is only about one inch by two inches and was very easy to overlook.  I looked at it with my magnifying glass and recognized Henry Walvoord (1847-1909) immediately.

I scanned it so I could see more detail and lighten up the exposure.  It is really a good photo.  I date it between 1885-1900.  It is really hard to peg a date on this photo, because Henry’s appearance didn’t change too much over the years.  If I could identify the other person, I might be able to date it better.


Is it a family member?  Is it a business associate?  Maybe someone from the Dutch Canning Factory?  I really don’t know.


How about you?  Is there anyone out there that can identify the person on the left in this photo?

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