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Leo Milton Walvoord

Leo Milton Walvoord
b: 01 APR 1918
d: 18 APR 1983
  • 01 APR 1918 - Birth - ; Holland, Nebraska
  • 18 APR 1983 - Death - ; Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Gerrit Jan Walvoord
24 OCT 1855 - 1925
John William Walvoord
28 JUN 1882 - 26 MAY 1945
Leo Milton Walvoord
01 APR 1918 - 18 APR 1983
Anne Te Selle
24 JUL 1883 - 27 DEC 1945
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John William Walvoord
Birth28 JUN 1882Holland, Nebraska
Death26 MAY 1945 Holland, Nebraska
Marriage25 DEC 1902to Anne Te Selle at Holland, Nebraska
FatherGerrit Jan Walvoord
MotherJohanna W. Ten Hulzen
PARENT (F) Anne Te Selle
Birth24 JUL 1883Holland, Nebraska
Death27 DEC 1945 Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Marriage25 DEC 1902to John William Walvoord at Holland, Nebraska
MGarret John Walvoord
Birth16 JAN 1906Holland, Nebraska
Death14 DEC 1970Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA
Marriage04 MAR 1933to Goldie Mae Orr
MJesse La Verne Walvoord
Birth09 OCT 1910Holland, Nebraska
Death08 SEP 1993Sheldon, O'Brien, Iowa, USA
Marriage01 JUN 1938to Anna Marie Torenbeek at Sheldon, O'Brien, Iowa, USA
MDelton William Walvoord
Birth01 NOV 1913Holland, Nebraska
Death24 JUL 1971Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Marriage02 AUG 1937to Vera Viola Young at Sioux Falls, Lincoln, South Dakota, USA
MLeo Milton Walvoord
Birth01 APR 1918Holland, Nebraska
Death18 APR 1983Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Marriage09 JAN 1941to Marjorie Pauline Young at Firth, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA
MEugene Bryan Walvoord
Birth12 OCT 1921Holland, Nebraska
Death29 JUL 1986
Marriage19 MAY 1945to Betty Allgood
FJohanna Berdina Walvoord
Birth11 MAR 1904Holland, Nebraska
Death15 FEB 1979Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Marriage21 APR 1927to John Alvin Da Harsh at Holland, Nebraska
FAnn Walvoord
Birth24 FEB 1908Holland, Nebraska
DeathBET 1998 AND 2004
Marriage27 FEB 1943to William E. Schweitzer at Holland, Nebraska
MMarvin Cecil Walvoord
Birth09 FEB 1916Holland, Nebraska
Death01 MAY 1991Sheldon, O'Brien, Iowa, USA
Marriage19 FEB 1941to Geraldine Bosch at Sheldon, O'Brien, Iowa, USA
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Leo Milton Walvoord
Birth01 APR 1918Holland, Nebraska
Death18 APR 1983 Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Marriage09 JAN 1941to Marjorie Pauline Young at Firth, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA
FatherJohn William Walvoord
MotherAnne Te Selle
PARENT (F) Marjorie Pauline Young
Birth10 JUL 1918Firth, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA
Death25 SEP 2004
Marriage09 JAN 1941to Leo Milton Walvoord at Firth, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA
MJackie Lee Walvoord
Birth27 SEP 1944Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Death15 JAN 1996O'Neill, Holt, Nebraska, USA
Marriage09 JUN 1967to Judy Kay Docter at Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA
MarriageBEF 1969to Judy Kay Docter
FJudy Kay Walvoord
BirthABT 1942
DeathABT 1942
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