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Scott’s Blog is now called “Walv-Blog”

Scott's Blog is now called "Walv-Blog" or maybe that should be "Walv-clog."

Hey everyone…  I’ve renamed my blog to Walv-Blog.  I want to move this blog to something much more interactive with more people writing than just me.

I am recruiting volunteers to write articles about their Walvoord Family stories, thoughts, ramblings, or just to post pictures.  Hopefully we can get an enthusiastic group of authors and contributors to the site.  Should make it more fun for all the Walvoords/Walvoorts out there… sort of an electronic gathering place to get to know our distant cousins.

So if you have a story to tell about your family, such as the time your dad ran away from home on a Cushman motor scooter to move back to Wisconsin and ended up on a nationally broadcast radio program, then you need to tell that story here.

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Updated: May 16, 2012 — 8:23 PM


  1. Scott. Read your updated information. The “Founding Five” description really clarified branches of the family that I had repeatedly become confused about– but through your description is now much clearer. Thanks for sharing your research.

    1. Hi Deb,

      Thanks. I was trying to make that clearer. I had just started calling them the “Founding Four” until Henk and Henk came to visit. Henk B. Walvoort sent me some charts on the Walvoorts in America… a mystery that eluded me for some time. His chart up to Hendrik Jan Walvoort who came here in 1866 connected the dots for me.

      Now guess what? There may have been another “Founder,” making it the “Founding Six!” Number six may be buried in Walvoord Cemetery. Still need to firm up the facts though.

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