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The Hoopman Family

UpdateI have updated the biography of Johanna “Jane” Walvoord who married Roelof “Ralph” Hoopman.  There is also a newly acquired family portrait of the Hoopman family with all ten of their boys!  I have also included new research on each of the ten boys.  I would love to hear from some of you Hoopmans out there!  Do you have any stories you would like to add?

Click here to read the updated biography:  Johanna Walvoord (1849-1935).

Updated: April 12, 2012 — 6:05 AM


  1. Scott,
    Thank you for posting so much information and photos of our ancestors.
    My grandfather was Ralph Raymond Hoopman who was one of the ten
    boys (RAY) of Johanna “Jane” Walvoord and Roelof Hoopman.
    I have a poor copy of the 9 boys with their hunting rifles.
    Also have some other older photos with unidentified people,
    most likely family members.
    The photo you have shown of Johanna “Jane” Walvoord is part of the same photo with Delia and Mary. On the postcard of them that I have, there was a man standing behind them. Do you know who it was?
    My grandfather and grandmother, Millie Jane Smith, were married on 20 Nov 1906 in Brainerd Minnesota.
    Thanks again,
    Shirley Mace

    1. Hi Shirley,

      You are so welcome. If you go and look at this biography of Jane’s mother I think the picture that you refer to is on that page.

      Anna Maria Engel Nolton (c.1815-1897)

      The person you refer to is their older brother Henry Walvoord.


  2. Ralph and Jane are my great great grandparents also. I am descended from Harry Alfred Hoopman m. Cynthia Reynolds > William Hoopman m. Evelyn Lorraine Rossart > Raymona Hoopman m. Thomas Olson > Me! LOL!

    My mother, Raymona passed away this year in May and her brother, Willam Hoopman passed away a few weeks ago 🙁

    So glad I found this page!

  3. “Ralph and Jane” are my great great grandparents. I am named after their son Garrett and even have some of his furniture.

    1. Hi Garret!

      Who are your parents and grandparents? Do you have any old pictures that you would like to share for the website?


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