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Walvoords Celebrate 65 Years of Marriage!

David and Peggy (Phillips) Walvoord were married on April 13, 1952.

David Randall Walvoord, a native of Racine, Wisconsin, married Naomi Ruth “Peggy” Phillips, a native of Shamrock,Texas on April 13, 1952 in Locust Grove, Texas.

After being set up on a blind date by David’s sister Joann who worked with Peggy at the phone company, David and Peggy started dating.

Five months later, on April 13, 1952, David and Peggy married each other in Locust Grove Baptist Church in Locust Grove, Texas.

The pastor that married them was Clayton Watkins who was the same pastor that baptized Peggy at age 13. Joann (Walvoord) Forbes was Peggy’s Matron of Honor and Bill Forbes was David’s Best Man.

David, is the second of seven children born to  Randall and Elizabeth Walvoord.

Peggy is the fourth of five children born to Elmo and Callie (Henshaw) Phillips.

David and Peggy had three boys, Keith, Kit, and Scott.

Kit, their second son died in 2014.

David and Peggy have six grandchildren. Kirk, Tyler, Preston, Caroline, Catherine, and Katie Grace.


Wedding Cake

Cutting the cake.

(left to right) Callie Phillips (mother of the bride), Peggy Walvoord (bride), David Walvoord (groom), Elizabeth Walvoord (mother of the groom), and Randall Walvoord (father of the groom)

David and Peggy Walvoord 2010

David and Peggy Walvoord 2010

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  1. Congratulations on 65 years together! Happy Anniversary Peggy & David Walvoord! 🙂 <3

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