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Henry Walvoord (1851-1948)

Henry Walvoord c.1924

Henry Walvoord c.1924

Henry Walvoord, was born in Aalten, Gelderland, The Netherlands on March 23, 1851.  Henry was the fifth child and second son of Gerrit Jan Walvoord and Berendina (Prinsen) Walvoord.  Henry farmed in The Netherlands until the age of twenty, when he emigrated to the United States in 1871.  After living in Kenosha County, Wisconsin  for a few months, then he went to Lancaster County, Nebraska and settled on a 40-acre homestead in Nemaha Precinct on section 31.  He built a dugout on his place and began to cultivate  his farm, but also worked out by the month.  In 1872, he bought additional land on section 31, bringing his land holdings up to 160 acres.  In 1905 he built a modern farm house.  Henry was said to “seldom fail in harvesting good crops.”  He also raised stock animals and made good profits on their sale.

Henry married Miss Everdina Willamena ten Hulzen on November 13, 1874 in Holland, Nebraska.  Everdina was the daughter of John William ten Hulzen and Johanna (Sarens) ten Hulzen who were both native Netherlanders.  Everdina was born on March 26, 1853 in Oestberg, Sherman County, Wisconsin (sic) (probably Oostburg, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin) where she lived until 1870, when she went to Lancaster County, Nebraska.

Henry supported the Republican party at the polls but never ran for any office.  He and his family attended the Reformed Church of America in Holland, Nebraska.  Henry was highly esteemed by all who knew him and was considered a valued citizen of his community.

Henry and Everdina had eleven children together.

Garret John WALVOORD was born on October 06, 1876,  he married  Wilhelmina HEUSINKVELT on October 30, 1902 in Princeton, Nebraska.  She was born on January 10, 1872 in Princeton, Nebraska.  Wilhelmina died on November 02, 1947.   Garret died on November 01, 1954.

Hannah WALVOORD was born on February 24, 1878.  She married  Albert te SELLE sometime before 1900.  Albert was born June 06, 1873.  He died  November 05, 1954.  Hannah died September 16, 1965.

William H. “Bill” WALVOORD was born on December 18, 1879.  He married  GesinaZena” LUBBERS on December 19, 1901.  Zena was born May 22, 1881.  She died on July 01, 1948.  William died on September 19, 1913 in Holland, Lancaster, Nebraska at the age of 33.

Benjamin J. “Ben” WALVOORD was born on March 07, 1882 in Holland, Nebraska, USA.   He married  Mamie Lura MORRISON on August 10, 1904 in Hickman, Nebraska.  Mamie was born in Hickman, Nebraska on July 22, 1883.  It is not currently known when she died. Ben died on May 05, 1946 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

 John Henry WALVOORD was born on December 02, 1883.  He married Emma SCHNEIDER sometime before 1924.   Emma was born on January 10, 1887.  It is not known when she died.  John Henry died on April 02, 1962.

Richard “Dick” WALVOORD was born January 02, 1886 in Hickman, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA.  He married  Dora VERMEER on February 09, 1910.  Dora was born on March 10, 1891 in Panama, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA.  She died on August 03, 1982 in Firth, Lancaster, Nebraska, USA.  Richard died on September 13, 1957 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

Dillie WALVOORD was born December 13, 1887. She married Jacob JOHNSON sometime before 1921. Jacob was born February 06, 1888.   Jacob died on August 21, 1966.  Dillie died in July of 1959.

Abe WALVOORD was born on May 10, 1890.  He married Josephine KOCH sometime before 1915.  Josephine was born September 05, 1891.  It is not known when she died.  Abe died in September of 1958.

Jane WALVOORD was born on July 30, 1893.  She married William Oliver WALFORD.   William was born  November 25, 1892 in Nebraska, USA and died on January 11, 1980.  Jane died in August 1981.

Isaac “Ike” WALVOORD was born May 30, 1895.  He married Edna NELSON.  Edna was born on  December 02, 1902.  It is not known when she died.   Ike died on January 10, 1976.

Rachel WALVOORD was born December 23, 1898. She married  Alfred WISSEL who was born on July 31, 1901. Alfred died July 26, 1988 in Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska.  Rachel died on December 19, 1989 in Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska.

Henry & Everdina Walvoord Family c 1900

The Henry & Everdina (ten Hulzen) Walvoord Family c.1900

















Henry and Everdina celebrated 50 years of marriage on  November 13, 1924.   Everdina died less than four years later on May 04, 1928 at the age of 75.  Fifteen years earlier Henry and Everdina lost their son William at the age of 33.

Henry was a widower for twenty years and lived to be 96 years old!  Henry died on February 11, 1948 in Holland, Nebraska.

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