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Updated: August 19, 2016 — 5:27 AM


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information! I am a descendent of the Vermaas, Meinen, and Bykerk/Bykirk families. It is so fascinating learning about the community they were a part of.

  2. I bought a small Bible at an Estate Sale today. It is in German and was published in1884. In the front is hand-written Alvin Walvoord Cedar Grove Jan 10 1900 Next page Antoinette born Oct 16 1888 Alvin born Dec 30 1890 Mabel born May 19 1893 Agnes born July 10 1896 Mother died Sept 5 1897

    1. Hi Wilene, Thank you for sharing this! Alvin’s son, Alvin, Jr. is still alive and living in Midland, Texas, I believe. He may be interested in knowing about this. I am friends with Alvin, Jr.’s son and daughter on facebook and will pass this along to them. Where was the estate sale that you purchased it from?

      1. Plano, Texas

    2. Thank you for sharing this Wilene, that surely belonged either my grandfather that was Alvin born in 1890 or one of his two sisters listed. It was probably passed down from their Dad. My Dad Al Walvoord of Midland TX sure would like to have it and I’d love to purchase it from you. His address is 2805 Lockheed, Midland, TX 79701.
      Thanks again,
      David Walvoord
      3 Crocker Dr.
      Temple, TX 76502

      1. Thanks, David. I will send it to you.

  3. A lot of good work. But, with the new format, how do you do a genealogy search of a specific name?

    1. That’s a good suggestion. Thanks. The names are alphabetized. Is Google not pointing to any of the new genealogy pages? I’ll look for a plug in for the website and see if I can solve this for you. Thank you for your feedback!

      Scott Walvoord


    1. Ray, so good to hear from you! I have thought of you several times through the years and wondered how you are. The emails you sent telling your story are buried on some old hard drive and are no longer accessible. I have always wanted to go back and re-read them. Would love for you to tell the story again and catch up. When was the last time you visited the USA?

  5. Scott, I’m indebted to the Walvoord clan as a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. and there fore knew John F W. personally! In doing research on our family history ran across the name of Toni Walvoord who was married to the older brother Albert Van Diest of my great grand father John (born 1864)! According to my records, Toni was born 6/20/1849, died 1/28/1928!. Any information about the couple would help to connect the relationship of our ancestry and theirs. John W. Van Diest (born 1932).

  6. I’m looking to purchase the bible knowledge commentary volume 2 which has both old and New Testament do you have any suggestion or recommendations? Thank you God bless

  7. I left one in the biograph section on Garrit Walvoord

  8. Hi Scott –

    I have visited your website years ago but never ‘joined’ in the Walvoord history. Let me know your thoughts on what could be of interest as noted below. Thank you for your efforts and VERY interesting compilation of Walvoord History !!

    My brothers (Gary Eugene, Russell Christian, and older sister, Lynn Elaine) had old 1950’s 8mm home films converted to DVD a number of years ago. I edited copies including an early 1950’s gathering in Richardson TX including my grandparents (John Christian Walvoord & ne: Sarah Thompson) and various cousins (sons of Uncle Bill Walvoord).

    Plus I have some black and white stills from the late forties not yet digitized. In addition, I have VHS tapes of my parents 50th wedding anniversary (Oliver Wendell Walvoord and ne: Evelyn Elizabeth Greenway” in 1982.

    When I find and make copies of old black and whites, would you like copies ?

    I am thoroughly enjoying your Walvoord Website and, like my older brother’ earlier communications (Gary Eugene Walvoord), I want to document my family history, plus my personal background, for my four children + nine grandkids … #10 due in January 2016.

    At 71, I am in process of digitizing old VHS tapes (from the early 1980’s) plus many old black and whites (back into the late 1940’s), plus 35 mm slides of my Peace Corps experiences/travels in & around Turkey and Afghanistan from the mid-1960s including an 8 month trip home via some 30 countries including much of southeast Asia, Japan, TransSiberian railway ‘backwards’ into Moscow for May Day 1968, and ending in France before returning to America after 3 years, training in four languages.


    1. Hi, Uncle Wayne!!

  9. Hi, Scott!

    Hope you are doing well. I was toying with some research today, and found that Yvette has put her (infamous) dutch genealogy database on line!

    You can find it here: http://www.dutchgenealogy.nl/tng/

    It includes almost 200 records with a surname that approximates WALVOORD. Out stray little branch of Walfoorts (a WI and MN variant, it seems) are listed under the WALVOORT name.

  10. Scott,
    I really enjoy all the information and photographs. You have put a lot of work into this. I have a marriage date for Ralph Raymond Hoopman and Millie Jane Smith. They were my grrandparents and were married on 20 NOV 1906 in Brainerd MN. I found the information on the Marriage certificate. My fathers name was Ralph Andrew Hoopman b. 24 JAN 1912.
    Thanks again, Shirley

  11. Tom, 75, (Chicago area) and brother, David, 73 (Peoria, IL) are sons of Carl Anthony Walvoord, M.D., (South Holland IL married to Helen Pelon Walvoord from Muskegon MI.) Carl was son of Gerrit William Walvoord, M.D. (from Cedar Grove to South Holland) and Henrietta Potts Walvoord (from Cedar Grove to South Holland. We have visited the two cemeteries in Cedar Grove. Tom and Ellen have two children: Andrew Walvoord, Denver; and Laura Walvoord, Minneapolis. David and late wife Barbara are parents of three children: Christopher Walvoord, Chicago; Emily Walvoord, M.D., Indianapolis, Allison Walvoord White, Kansas City. Tom’s grandchildren are Garrett and Matthew Pauly, Minneapolis; Jack, Mark and Mary Helen Walvoord, Denver. David’s grandchildren are Nicholas and Claudia Walvoord, Chicago; Philip and Olivia Bauwens, Indianapolis; and Elizabeth and Adam White, Kansas City. We have many pictures and lots of information about Walvoord family.

    1. Would love to have some of your pictures! I believe that A.C. Walvoord (1835-1915) was the father of Gerrit William Walvoord and that he too might have been a doctor? I would love to share anything about your branch on this website. I’m sure many Walvoords would be interested. Does anyone in your family have pictures of J.D. Walvoord (1810-1878) by chance?

  12. “Accidently, ran across “Walvoord History.com” Immediately, thought of by years of study at Dallas Theological Seminay where John Walvoord was president. The also remembered that one of my great uncles had married a Toni Walvoord who was born in1849 and died in 1928.Her husbands name was Albert Van Diest. Just wondering if there is any connection? John Van Diest

    1. Hi John,

      Yes, there is a connection. “Toni” or I show Tunia Walvoord was the daughter of Gerrit Jan Walvoord (1816-1890) and Berendina Prinsen Walvoord (1817-1902). This family immigrated to Nebraska from Aalten, Gelderland, The Netherlands in 1870. I show Tunia was born c. June 22, 1848 in Aalten and died in Luctor, Kansas in 1927. She married Albert Van Diest in 1873. Albert was born July 20, 1879 and died January 29, 1929 (birth and death locations unknown). They had at least 3 children together. William (born 1880), Thomas (b. 1886) and Benjamin (b. 1888).

      Scott Walvoord

      1. Scott– Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I too show a Tunia as a daughter of a Gerrit Van Diest born 1903 and married to Helen Bennet (b.1904). But I show T
        oni (born 1849) married to Albert (born 1848) They seem to be separate genrations. Us Dutchman have a habit of alternating male/father names with 2-3 first-born males causing some confusion. Do I have it right? John Van Diest

  13. This is fantastic. I am the wife of Stephen a Osborn who is the son of Merritt a Osborn. Making Elise Henrietta walvoord his great grandmother whom our daughter, Elise, is named. I have just started doing some genealogy and I am absolutely amazed at what you have done. We are going to holland later this year and thought we would try to visit some of the old towns the family was from.

  14. Hi, my name’s Richard and I am a grandson of Robert Walvoort. While watching tv i saw something on family crests and wondered if our family had one?

    1. Hi Richard,

      Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. The answer to your question is no. And very few families have one. But we do have a “coat-of-arms” with a story that I hope to post on Walv-Blog at some point. I haven’t had time to sit down and write it yet, but will eventually.

      Thanks for writing. I would love to hear more from your branch of the family. Anyone in your branch have any stories or photos to share with other Walvoorts and Walvoords?

      Take care,

  15. Hi Scott. Great website. I am curious whether you or your readers have come across any information relating to the ancestors of my great-grandfather, Garret H. Walvoort (B. 10 Aug 1879 in Sheboygan County, D. 1954 in Sheboygan County). He and his wife Kathryn resided at 1412 North 17th Street in Sheboygan in the 40s and 50s. This family (or branch of the family) maintained the “t” spelling, but given the location it seems likely there might be some connection with your Walvoords. I appreciate any information you might have.


    1. I had not seen this photo when I posted earlier: http://walvoordhistory.com/2012/06/photo-of-the-week-june-18-2012/ This may be the Garret I mentioned above, as the age looks about right and I know he had a sister named Hattie. I’d love to correspond with the source of the photo if he or she has any further information. Thanks.

      1. Yes Bill you are correct, that Garret in that photo is your great-great grandfather and Henry and Gesina are your great-great-great grandparents. Henry, or Hendrik Jan Walvoort is what I have (within the last year) identified as one of the “Five Founders” of Walvoorts/Walvoords in America. This family immigrated in 1866. See homepage for more info. I hope to write a biography page for this family in the future but I don’t have a lot of information on Walvoorts (with a “t”) in America. I also suspect that there might be as many as “7 Founders” or more. I hope to get time to write a blog article on Walv-Blog at some point. As far as the photo, all I have is a photo copy and I tried to enhance it as much as possible to make it look okay. The photo copy either came to me from the The Sheboygan County Historical Research Center or from Ellen Walvoort Covel. I’m not sure which.

  16. Hi Scott,
    This is Cindy Lett from the Nebraska line of Walvoords. I have been following your website for several years and love it! The picture of Gerrit Jan & Berendina is fantastic! I may be able to help with researching this line.

    1. Hi Cindy!

      Great to hear from you. I am a little sparse in my Nebraska Walvoord branch information. I would definitely love your help. Who do you descend from?


  17. Hi Scott, .. I have lost your phone # and made arrangements so I could spend tomorrow afternoon at your place. I hope you get this before then. I’m frantic here! .. Sandi 828-243-3503

  18. was looking at your picture show and that picture of Anna Margretta looks just like my mom…and the one of william walvoord looks just like my cousin and uncle…I can belive how much walvoord blood we have in us when I look at those old pictures and then ones of us and my nieces children lot of walvoord blood….

  19. Thank you for this web site. Truly interesting as I know some family history but not this much. My mother and I visited the cemetery a few years back. My great grandmother was Gertie Walvoord. Terryl Smith

  20. Hi Uncle Scott this website is so amazing I love reading about our family and I am always checking to see if you put new facts and pictures up.I can’t wait to see you,Aunt Amy, Katie Grace,Grandma, and Grandpa in North Carolina this year I will see you then

    Catherine Walvoord

  21. I believe that my mother, Berdene (Wissink) Kallemeyn was a decedent of the Nebraska Walvoords. Do you have any history/information of them?

    1. Hi Laura,

      Ann Walvoord Graff contacted me about your post. She may have some connections for you and I have forwarded her your email address, so expect an email from her. Please let me know if you find anything! Good luck!


  22. Greetings from the Hoopman descendents of Jane Walvoord. I am so excited to see your website. I know I will have hours of entertainment. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

    I’m a cousin from SE Minnesota (Lewiston, Winona County) and often go to Cherry Grove MN/Lime Springs IA area. If you want me to take pictures of anything, I certainly will. I think my aunt is going to send you some information/pictures from Jane Walvoord’s descendents.

    Jane Walvoord
    Henry Hoopman
    Orrin Hoopman
    Bernie Hoopman Finke
    Robert Finke
    Andrea Finke Oevering (me)

    Excellent website, and thanks again!

    1. Hello, Andrea!

      So excited to hear from you! Thank you for your kind comments about WalvoordHistory.com. I’m looking forward to seeing and learning more about the Hoopman branch of the family. Any and all material is most appreciated. I would love to expand on what I have. Thank you.

      Scott Walvoord

    2. I am Orrin Duane Hoopman, grandson of Orrin Cornelius Hoopman, and great-grandson of Henry Hoopman. Bernis Marlene Finke (nee Hoopman) is my aunt, and my late-father was Delbert Orrin Hoopman, who died in a Pietenpol crash in 1983. If you are familiar with Cherry Grove MN, then you know of the Hoopman connection to Bernard Pietenpol. To my recollection, the Mower County Museum has a good family tree for the Hoopman-Walvoord family.

  23. Hi Scott…My name is Jeff Walvoord. I am the son of James Melvin Walvoord who is from Sheboygen. My son Blake Walvoord was on this website tonight and after looking at the picture on the home page I realized he looks exactly like the blond child in the center of the picture. I would love to know who this person is and how he might tie into our family tree. Look forward to hearing from you.

  24. Hey Scott, this is a great website! I stumbled upon here just doing some random research on the last name. Are you able to trace any relation between my family and yours? My father is Dirk Frederick Walvoord (born 1949) and he was the son of William “Bill” Walvoord and Grace Walvoord and I believe the grandson of Anthony Walvoord. We live in Los Angeles, California. Any info would be great!

    1. Hey Cristofer,

      You and I are 3rd cousins. Our common ancestor is Henry Walvoord (1847-1909). Your great-grandfather, Anthony J. Walvoord (1884-1945) and my great-grandfather, John Garrett Walvoord (1872-1932) were brothers.


  25. My name is Kristina Walvoord and I am 23 from Houston, TX. I think this is amazing and maybe my Walvoord family can be added to the site one day! Thanks!

    1. Kristina, Hi how are you? I plan to add much more to the site including your branch. Great to hear from you!

  26. In looking at my family tree, my great-great-grandfather was Dirk Walvoord, my great-grandfather was Garret J. Walvoord. My grandfather was Elmer and his sisters where Della, Anna, Alice K, Jennie, and Minnie. Garret had a brother Tony and William. I don’t know anything about them. Most of the Walvoords I know are buried behind the Reformed Church in Cedar Grove. Let me know if any of these fit in with yours.

  27. My grandfather was Elmer Walvoord and lived near Cedar Grove and Walvoord Road my uncle lived on one corner and my cousin on the other end.

  28. Scott,

    Your site looks great, I just finished reading some of the bios and looked at all the photos. Sorry you could not be in Austin for Thanksgiving, it is great that Amy
    ‘s parents were able to come to your house. We ended up with 34 in Austin, 28 for the photo, Derek, Heather and Payne and Tom, Rowena and Llewellyn came later. I have posted most of my photos now. Jeanan got some great shots. Looking forward to seeing you all next year.

    Love, Gary

  29. Hey Scott! I’m working on a dvd for Thanksgiving day and I came to your website to see if you had some pics I could use – IT LOOKS GREAT!!! Keep up the good work! I just saw your post about Louise’s journal – how awesome! I can’t wait to see your updates.
    When you get a chance can you email me the 1895 football team picture. I would love to have a copy of that. I tried to copy it off the website, but it’s too small of pixels. Thanks. We will miss you guys next week.

    1. Photos on the way! Miss you guys.

  30. Scott,
    This is totally awesome. Thank you soooo much for doing this. We are so sad you will miss Thanksgiving. It certainly won’t be the same without you and your great laugh and sense of humor.


    1. Nan, Thanks for posting! You’re my first “blog” post! I am really going to miss y’all too! It just won’t be the same. It has been a long long time since I’ve missed a Thanksgiving.

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